Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hostel Cleanliness Check

It's the start of the new year and we have had a new batch of scholars moving into Victoria Hall. Principal, Mr Low has often lamented on the dismal state of cleanliness that some of the borders exhibit.
But I am proud to say that the VS ASEAN and A*Star scholars under me have had a high standard of room cleanliness. Last year, one of our rooms was awarded a prize by MOE Scholarship Div (I believe it was Duong's room)

Here are the room check results for this term
> H1-04-04 Grade: A
> H1-04-05 Grade: A
> H1-04-06 Grade: B+
> H1-04-15 Grade: A-
> H1-04-16 Grade: B
> H1-04-17 Grade: A
> H1-04-18 Grade: A+
> H1-04-19 Grade: A+
> H1-06-19 Grade: A+
> H1-06-20 Grade: A+

Juding from this, our 'gang' is off to a good start and I'm sure we can be proud to be the cleanest group of boarders in VS.

Let's check out one of the model rooms, H1-06-19.
The boarders are Ho Anh Tung and Tran Phuoc Minh

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