Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jay Chou 'World Tour' Singapore Segment

Yes, I know I'm a music junkie. And I'm nuts about martial arts.

Yes, yes, I know I look like some 'gina' fanboy in this photo but (eat your heart out Miss Sheikha, I know you closet Jay Chou fan too!)
But how not to like a guy that got songs named <双节棍>-Nunchaku, or having sung the theme song <霍元甲>for 'Fearless'

So having heard that Jay was gonna be in Singapore, how to miss, right?
But tickets for the 19th were sold out almost immediately once sales started-- Luckily, they opened another show on the 18th-- which turned out to be his birthday.
So lucky me and the wife bought the tix and waiting in anticipation for Jay's concert

(Yup, so I lied about waving the funny big hand around:P)

Well from the opening act to the encore, Jay sure did not disappoint.
The crowd literally went wild during the opening sequence- who says Singaporeans not happening?

His infectious 《牛仔很忙》-"Cowboys are damn Busy" was a big hit with the crowd! It was a refreshing change from his previous brooding, 'act-cool' image and showed his maturity and adaptibility as an entertainer

My personal favourite 《千里之外》-"Thousand Miles Away" led me to sing along like some demented drunk kopi-tiam uncle at the Comunnity Centre Karaoke (Sorry man, but if I could sing like Jay, I wouldn't be teaching now, would I?"

The 'live' erhu lead it was great- the only thing it lacked was that Fei Yuqing wasn't here to do the full duet with him!

Jay also gave his protege “南拳妈妈” quite a bit of air-time, showcasing them as a group and as individuals. While they are no where as accomplished as him, they were quite entertaining to watch- especially during the spoof segments where they made fun of him!

Actually, can see Jay heading into show hosting as he ages-- hmmmm, may take over Jacky Wu (his mentor and discoverer actually) later on.

Jay showed that he can constantly re-invent him and spoof himself. He did an acoustic, blues re-mix of <双节棍>-Nunchaku

It was hilarious and one of the best moments of the concert!

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