Thursday, January 10, 2008

GCE PE: Skill-Related Fitness

With our GCE PE program on the way, Sec 3B was engaged in exploring various domains of skill related fitness.
We had a Skill Test Circuit today where students were tested on:
Reaction Time

Some outstanding performances were seen at the Agility station. Students were required to do the most number of consecutive double-leg jumps in a criss-cross fashion without stumbling or knocking the marking poles. Dilip Thapa amazed us with his incredbile Nepalese break-dancing.

Dilip's streak of 66 consecutive jumps seemed unbreakable until the determined attempt by Amsyar Omar who inched his way in and took him by 67 jumps to 66. Baik Amy! (oops, I mean Amsyar)

In the Reaction Test, participants were to lay on the floor. A partner releases a tennis ball over their stomach and the participant has to move his body away from the ball.
Naren showed us some hip wriggling in his attempt:

Maybe next time I will use bowling ball..... hmmmmm.

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