Thursday, January 24, 2008

Release of GCE O Level Results- Victoria, Thy Triumphs Seek!

Today is Thu the 24th of Jan- it's the official release of the GCE O Level results in Victoria School.

Many of the graduating class of 2007 had arrived bright and early to await the announcement of results- some here as early as 7.30am. Many of the juniors showed up at 2.30pm in eager anticipation to lend support to their seniors.

We began with Principal Mr Low giving a quick re-cap of the past year. We also remembered fellow Victorians, Azhri who was still recuperating in hospital; and Wrixon whom fate has taken from us. We spent a minute of silence celebrating the lives and memories of our cherished Victorians

As some of our tears flowed freely, we listened with pride and fierce determination when we heard how the cohort of 2007 defied the odds and perception surrounding VS to prove that even with some of our best students leaving for IP, we still performed above the national average in many subject areas:

Next came the annoucement of the Top Performing classes, I'm not going to spoil the surprise for those that weren't there, so here's the clip:

Next, we had our list of individual top performers:

In the words of Mr Low: "Victoria School continues to stand tall and stand proud because ALL of you here, CHOSE to STAY."
We have shown conclusively and undoubtedly that the best is present in each and everyone of us.
The class of 2007 has showned that even standing on our own two feet, without having to really on others for support, the class of 2007 has managed to deliver the best ever result for Victoria School in the last 10 years with a mean L1R5 of 10.5.

My heart swells with pride each time I see and hear the Victorian Anthem playing during this occasion. It is with great gratitude that I feel priviledge to be able to teach here and be part of your lives:

With all the boisteroud celebration of our good performance, I experienced a quite quiet joy of my own when Firdaus Ismail our soccer player and Camp Leader came to me with his results slip.

Firdaus was a dedicated student leader and passionate about the school. He starred as my 'Fed Ex' Delivery man in the video I made for our 130 Anniversary. But he had always struggled with studies.

Quietly, Firdause came up with me to shake my hand. I have never taught him any of his academic subjects. But nevertheless, when I saw his result slips, I knew in my heart that this the greatest triumph of any teacher- seeing the seeds we plant, blossom and flourish in the fruits of our student's labour

Firdaus had often faced diffuculties with his studies- and just looking at the result slip without knowing him, no one will know the blood, sweat and tears that he and all his subject teachers went through to pull through this final hurdle together

In the words of our Victorian from 2007, Liu Tianyuan, "Inside VS, we are proud of VS; outside VS, we are the PRIDE of VS"

Class of 2007, your excellence have made us proud.
Class of 2008, we wait with pride to celebrate your exceleence

Nil Sine Labore


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