Friday, February 23, 2007

Chingay 2007 - Parade of Dreams (Pt 1 - Beginnings)

VS Wushu Team was invited to perform during this year's Chingay Parade Celebrations on Fri and Sat 23-24 Feb. Since 1972, the parade has become a permanent fixture for both tourists and locals alike in our celebrations of the Lunar New Year. Traditionall, in the 70s, Singaporeans used to usher in the Lunar New Year with riotious explosions of fire-crackers but due to nuisance and danger caused when used indiscriminately, fire-crackers were banned in 1972 and the Chingay parade was born to allow us all the joyous noise, boisterous fun and loud carnival without harm to people or property.

Here we are at Old Chang Kee and boys, being boys; cannot help but snack. I'm sure we helped boost the sales of curry puffs at the stall that day. Coming straight after school, they could not resists the smells of good ole Chang Kee-- what to do?

Due to the rain, the pre-parade preparations was a frenzy of activity to get things set-up and running. But by 7.00pm the weather had cleared up and we were good to go, here we see the crew do some last minute touches and prepartions to seal off the road and prepare for the parade

More updates on Fri's performance to come

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