Sunday, February 4, 2007

VS Chinese Orchestra Concert @ Singapore Conference Hall

Today, our VS Chinese Orchestra provided students, staff, family and guests with a rousing performance of Chinese music spanning various genres.
From Tibetan folksongs to instrumental renditions of J-Pop and A-mei songs, our CO boys showed us that music truly knows no boundaries.

My personal favourites were 2 pieces that showcased the 'ruan' (a kind of guitar like instrument)- hearing the standard 12-bar blues riff played not on guitar but the 'ruan' gave a kinda of Oriental blue-grass feel to the piece that would have made John Lee Hooker proud.

The other piece featured the 'yu' which kinda took on the saxophone's role in playing a soulful theme reminiscient of 1930s film noir detective movies.
With this versatility, the boys showed that they could handle the traditional chinese classics as well as new fusion pieces with aplomb.

Check out their encore performance in this clip:
Kudos to conductor Mike Chiang, who was a charismatic and vibrant conductor equally deserving of audience attention!

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