Thursday, February 22, 2007

PSG CNY Dinner for Staff

Victoria School is priviledged and blessed to have a very strong and dedicated Parent's Support Group. They are a pro-active and dedicated group of parents that really seeks to establish a strong bridge between parents and students. Some members continue to be active even after their son's graduate from VS. This is a testament to the committment and pride that both parents and teachers share being common stake holders in Victoria School

The evening's meal comprised of sumptous 'Lo Hei' and buffet followed by some absolutely hilarious games. You can see from all the smiles here that there were no strangers at this evening's dinner. Our dedicated PSG group members took the time and trouble to decorate the room, host the teachers, provide dinner and games for us.
In the following clip, we see Mr Maran (HOD-Pupil Development) sending us all into fits of laughter as he reads us traditional Chinese greetings. 3 cheers for the sporting Mr Maran.

Once again, thanks to all the PSG members for taking time out for us! Deeply appreciated

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