Sunday, February 11, 2007

Victoria Hall Idol Auditions

In preparations for Victoria Hall's Chinese New Year's celebration dinner on 14th Feb, Victoria Hall has organised the VH Idol Contest.

Participants sang and danced for our judges tonight. It is always a pleasant surprise to the teacher-mentors to see the wealth of talent that is waiting to burst out in the midst of all our students.

Here are some highlights from the auditions:

Kelvin Hieng with "Tong Hua"
Sec 1 VS student Kelvin Hieng charmed us all with his boyish rendition of "Tong Hua". Although his voice is still wavering now, we're sure he'll be a heartbreaker soon- watch out girls:)

Liu Tong with "Qing Shan Gao Yuan"
Liu Tong sang a powerful rendition of "Qing Shan Gao Yuan" while nursing a sore throat. A Chinese folksong that exudes the longing for the open plains, she awed us with her powerful voice and soulful rendition.

Pooja & Co with Indian Dance
Pooja and friends brought the big screen magic of Bollywood right into Victoria Hall. With their vibrant dance steps, infectious music and well-rehearsed moves, they made us all feel the rhythm of their contagious act. Special mention must go to Sanchit who earlier suprised us with a rendition of Jay Chou's "Coral Sea" (San Hu Hai). The difficulty and effort taken for him to learn to sing a Chinese song is worthy of mention and shows off the rich racial diversity and sharing that we have in Victoria Hall

Shiane & Partner- Hip Hop
So you think you can dance? Well, Shiane and her partner certainly did! They fused classical moves with hip-hop and showed that they could pirouette and twirl as gracefully as they pop & lock, old-school hip-hop with Next-Gen ballet moves. Bring it on!

North- Human Drum Machine
Auzzidz a.k.a North, gave us the most original and creative performance tonight with his portrayal of a human drum machine. He 'played' the drums, bass and even scratched the turn-table all with just his vocal chords providing the appropriate sound effects. See Da Man in action!

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Sagar Godbole said...

Sir, could you also please post the V Idol Finals Videos in your blog?