Friday, February 9, 2007

Release of GCE 'O' Level Results

Today was indeed an exciting day for VS, our 2006 batch has done very well and we have continued to maintain our Value-added status again! Our boys have done us proud once again. Here we see ASEAN scholars John Christopher Go and Neil Brian Alapide who both scored 8 points for their L1R5-

Principal's Address
If our calculations are correct, the graduating class of 2006 did better than 2005 with the best English results in the past 5 years!
See clip for Principal's opening address to Class of 2006

Passes and Distinctions
We had some stunning results: E-maths had 100% passes with 89.9% Distinction, A-maths had 70.1% Distinction. We had 3 boys from the General Art Programme who all obtained Distinctions for their Art.
See clip of breakdown of results

Best Performances
Some stellar performances from the various classes:
Sec 4A: Mean L1R5 8.9
Sec 4H: Mean L1R5 9.43
Sec 4I: Mean L1R5 9.43

2 of our Top Students:
Zhang Zhe nan: 9 A1s
Gautam : 8A1s and 1 A2
See clip for announcement of Best Performers

Gentlemen, well done!
As always, our VS Cheers that keep our flag unfurled!
VS Unite!

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xX Braix23 Xx said...

Mr Siow, wow!

Brian here. Thanks for the photo. :)

You really got full coverage of the event. Haha... trully a life-changing event for Victorians, and a commendable achievement in VS History.

Keep rockin', VS!