Thursday, February 1, 2007

Visit to Sun Micro Systems Thu 1 Feb 2007

On Thu 1 Feb, members VS staff and students visited Sun Micro systems for a field trip with Principal Mr Low and VP Mr Adrian Lim.
It was an exciting eye-opener for staff and students alike as we saw how information storage and transmission is changing with the increasing availibilty of high-speed internet bandwidth.

Certainly, the new generation of education will see technological advances prompting changes in pedagogical methods. Technology will allow us to change what we teach and the way we teach.

With the ability to deliver so much cotent across such a variety of platforms in multiple incarnations, it becomes more and more apparent that as a teacher, our ability to teach in itself becomes more and more critical.

Can't help but recall with fondness some of my own Sec school teachers: No Powerpoint presentations for them, no snazzy animations, totally IT illiterate but man, could they teach and keep us captivated. To this day, even as I write this blog, I remember them as my inspiration.

3 Cheers to the Chalkboard Heroes of Yesterday!

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