Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sec 2 Hockey Lessons (Skill Circuit)

In this lesson, we see Sec 2A going through the Hockey skill circuit:

Station 1
Shooting Station

Station 2
Dribbling Station

Station 3
Lob and Juggle

Station 4
Passing and Trapping
See clip:

By now, the boys will have covered all the essential skills needed for them to play hockey and we will be giving them more game time
Today's small-sided game is 6 v 6 with periodic substitutions.
Scoring is against the flat side of the wooden gym bench.
See clip:

Why use a wooden bench rather than a goal post or cones- what is the advantage in this case?

Post replies under comments. Each unqiue answer gets a "Ghost Rider" post-card.


Anonymous said...

you will know if you score because there is a sound when u hit the bench

TWGuang said...

wait, if there is onli one ans, then he confirm get the price... CANNOT CANNOT!!! Then i am also taking part
A wooden bench is elongated, therefore harder to carry up to the parade square. This is to test the boys' strength, stamina...