Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chingay 2007 - Parade of Dreams (Pt 5 - Behind the Scenes)

On Sat, before our next performance for Chingay, the whole jing Gang of boys came down to visit me at hostel.
Having agonised about what to do with the vast amount of New Year goodies accumulated over the week, the horde of ravenous boys solved that problem nicely for me. We whacked 6 extra large pizzas, the entire pack of taiwanese jellies taking up space in the fridge, the Ba Kwa, the Nachos and the chips. Heh heh heh... Misson accomplished.

We see in the following clip how we can fit 30 students into one hostel apartment and keep them entertained simultaneously.

Looks like this place has become an Integrated Resort :)And speaking of that, check out Ng Peixiang's nifty card trick. He might just have a bright feature working as a card dealer.:)

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