Friday, February 16, 2007

VS Wushu Team Performance for CNY 2007

Today, VS Wushu Team began the new year celebrations with a vibrant series of performances. We began the day bright and early with our first Wushu performance at Deyi Secondary School.
There we were treated to a warm-welcome from both teachers and students.

Our next stop was at CHIJ Katong Convent where the loud screams and cheers from the all-girl population certainly served to 'inspire' our brave Gentlemen.

Our final and most important stop was back in VS, where we had a Dian Jing Ceremony to 'Open the Eyes' of VS first official Lion Head. This was our first ever official Lion dance performance. Our coach, Master Loh Poh Swee was so caught up in the spirit of things that he too volunteered to perform for us! This is his first public performance in about 20 years.
Here we see Pang Hong Yun (Lion Head) and Chang JunRong (Lion Tail) giving us the first offcial Lion Dance performance for VS with our very own Lion Head.

We began our performance with our Group Dagger performance which won us 2nd place in the C-Div Interschool Wushu Championships in 2006

The hard working wushu team wooed the crowed with their hard work and practice.
Here are the solo routines of the day:
Fung Junjie - Sabre
Tan Xiang Ting- Changquan and Sword
Tan Xiang Tian- 3-Section Staff

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