Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sec 2 Hockey Lessons (Passing and Receving II)

We are 4 weeks into our Hockey lessons now,
The boys have learnt the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting.

This lesson we have a 4 vs 4 small sided game where in order to score, the team must pass the ball to a fellow member behind the goalline. The receiver must stop the ball to score a point.
Thus, the emphasis is not so much on shooting accuracy (as there are no goal posts) but rather on passing accuracy (watching for a open receiver, passing through open space. etc)

Here we see some good work from Sec 2A

Here are our Premier League players

Junrong and Multi-Racial Gang

Noel and the Peacock Gang

Yusof and the Smile-Until-I-Cannot-See-Your-Eyes Gang

Bryan with the People-of-the-Same-Height Gang

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Anonymous said...

Cute shot. These bumblebees can blend into that mural.