Saturday, February 17, 2007

VS Wushu Performance for CNY 2007 -Sifu Loh's Lion Dance

My own master, Sifu Loh Poh Swee had come down personally to lend support to our first lion dance and to help in the 'dian jing' ritual to 'open the eyes' of our first official Lion.

He too was caught up in the spirit of celebration and decided to add to the festivities by performing the lion dance for us as well. This is his first public performance in over 20 years.

Despite his age and not having slept int 24 hrs (yes, Sifu Loh had stayed up the entire night settling the loose ends of his medical shop before Chinese New Year), Sifu Loh showed the students how the spirit of the Lion can be brought alive through his intricate steps, small and subtle manipulations of the lion head and eyes. In his heads, the lion blinked, it smiled, winked and flapped its ears:)

All we have accomplished today is the result of the dedication of our teachers, and I am deeply touched that my own teacher and Sifu continues to support me as I grow and mature in the teaching vocation.

Nil Sine Labore

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