Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chingay 2007 - Parade of Dreams (Pt 3 - Those Amazing Belly Dancers)

Well, our young VS gentlemen had been scheduled to perform as the second item. So we waited patiently for the first item to set up as we took our places.

And what was the first item?

Well to the audience's delight (and I'm sure the VS boys as well), it was a bevy of beautiful young ladies who were to be performing Belly Dancing. Check out the alluring ladies in this clip

Yup, the screams of excitement came from one very excited Chang Weiliang. I supposed for a moment it felt as if she was dancing just for him... Too bad she's too old for you. Maybe I can include Belly Dancing as an enrichment activity... hmmmm. I'm sure Weiliang would be the first to sign up. (Followed by Junyan)

The Belly Dancers did a fantastic job of interacting with the audience and even getting them to participate and dance- right in the middle of the streets.

At one point, I was worried that I would find Weiliang being kidnapped by these beautiful ladies and wriggling his little belly for all his worth in the middle of Orchard Road. What a sight that would be:)

Then again, I guess I shouldn't be worried about Weiliang, after all he's just a young boy growing up.
It's the *ahem* "seniors", who 'pretend-pretend' never see the belly dancers and act as if they never noticed them that I should follow-up on.

"Belly Dancers? Sir, what Belly Dancers? I was busy remembering my routine"
-Ng PeiXiang

Yeah right.
Must check whether Pexiang, our Flag Bearer got nose-bleed- He was making a definite effort NOT to look at those beautiful ladies.
"Hmmm... Pexiang, Pexiang... your blood pressure abit high today ah.."

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